Zantac Lawsuit

The pharmaceutical company Zantac filed a lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline last year. This is the company that makes Zantac, which is one of the two dietary supplements most popular in America. In June 2021, the FDA sent warning letters to several manufacturers of ranitidine, including Zantac, warning that their dietary drug had inadequate information to allow it to be sold for oral use. On April 1, 2021, the FDA released information about new tests conducted by the agency that indicates a high probability for heart attacks and strokes related to Zantac ranitidine. Zantac Lawsuit claims that the makers of this popular supplement knew about these risks but did not warn the general public about it. View here for more info about a law suit.

Zantac Lawsuit and several lawsuits by attorneys are raising questions about the relationship between dietary drug manufacturers and the FDA. Most of these lawsuits are being filed by plaintiffs who suffered negative side effects from taking Zantac or its main ingredient, duloxetine. The lawsuits also indicate that even though multiple manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure that their products do not pose health threats, the Food and Drug Administration has not done enough to monitor the quality and manufacturing processes of these drugs. It has also been shown that the FDA has become too lax when it comes to enforcement of the Quality Assurance Program regulations regarding dietary supplements and non-prescription drugs. This is leading to contamination of dietary supplements with prescription drugs.

There is no doubt that defective design and manufacturing have caused many health problems over the years. But, in this case, there is sufficient evidence that the defendants knew about both the risk of cardiovascular problems and the possibility of them occurring. The class action asserts that the defendant manufacturers were aware for a long time that their drugs had these potential side effects and did nothing to mitigate the risk. They are currently being sued for this failure to do so. If allowed to drag on, this could cost Zantac and its competitors millions of dollars. Click for more info about a law suit.


One class action suit refers to a case in which Zantac did not warn consumers about a dangerous chemical used in some of its cleansers. At the time, Zantac advertised the use of a chemical called valproate, which is known to cause cancer. When the plaintiff tried to contact the company about this problem, they said that they "standard practice" was to use "none" on labels for the cleansers. This was a lie, and the company failed to warn its customers about this dangerous chemical. The company is being sued for health claims that were made while using the cleanser.


There is a pending class action lawsuit that claims that Zantac did not warn its customers about the dangerous effects of its heartburn medication, which is Zantac Maxalt. The complaint further states that the company failed to warn about the "toxic" effects of its product and did not alert anyone about the "serious" health risks associated with its use. The complaint further states that the FDA did not warn consumers about the problems that could occur from taking this medication and did not conduct any studies to help determine the safety of the drug. These products have been linked to strokes, congestive heart failure, and sudden cardiac death.


Zantac is one of the largest dietary supplements and health and wellness companies in the United States, with plants in Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Zantac manufactures health products including health drinks, capsules, meal replacements, as well as nutritional and weight loss aids. The Zantac manufacturer produces various brands of prescription medicines containing calcium channelize, magnesium sulfate, potassium aluminum phosphate, sodium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate. Some Zantac products contain ingredients such as fosamax, pyrithione, and chromium oxide. If you believe you have a case worthy of filing a Zantac Lawsuit, contact a qualified attorney immediately. Get more details about a lawsuit here:

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