Cancer Suits

Thousands of Zantac lawsuit claims are going to be filed in the next couple of years complaining that Zantac products caused them cancer. Zantac is a supplement company that makes several different health and fitness supplements. The company has been around since the mid-1990's but has only recently been linked to people getting cancer through their products. The FDA has also received numerous claims of Zantac products being dangerous to dogs. Learn more about a law suit here.

There is no concrete evidence linking Zantac products to cancer, but many plaintiffs' attorneys have filed lawsuits claiming this. Zantac has strongly denied any liability for causing cancer or other conditions through their products and says that most of the Zantac lawsuit claims filed against them are being handled by "disputed medical experts" who cannot back up their statements. A dog owner who gets cancer from Zantac dog food is one of the plaintiffs in a case against Zantac. His lawsuit claimed that he got cancer from eating one of Zantac dog food and that his dog later died from the cancer. This particular case is now being handled by a dog owner attorney. Discover more about a law suit here.

There are a lot of lawsuits going on right now that claim a specific product caused or contributed to an injury or even death. There are several lawsuits filed on the same claim. Some of these suits are just filed in state courts and have been filed by consumers who were affected by the alleged injuries. Others are filed in federal court where the manufacturers are attempting to get their lawsuits filed. A lot of the lawsuits are related to the effects of benzene contamination of cosmetics and health concerns over small amounts of benzene.

The FDA has received two class action suit complaints regarding the claims of toxicity and carcinogenicity associated with Zantac products. One of the complaints was filed in Florida, and the other one was filed in California. There was also a complaint in Federal Court regarding a claim that there was a defect with a Zantac product. Both of these cases have been resolved with satisfactory results.

A Class Action Lawsuit refers to any lawsuit that was brought in a court of law that was brought on behalf of individuals who were either diagnosed or suffering from cancer caused by a publicly available product. Zantac was not a product that was publicly available at the time Zantac Lawsuit was filed, so it does not meet the definition of Class Action Lawsuit. Class Action Lawsuits is filed on behalf of people who have been diagnosed with various types of cancer. It can also be used to describe conditions that are diagnosed after a person becomes cancer, or after one is diagnosed with a pre-existing medical condition. These lawsuits are regularly used in situations when a company fails to maintain safety standards and they can result in serious monetary losses.

All three of the cancer lawsuits filed against Zantac Lawsuit Company are ongoing. In addition, all three of the lawyers who handled the case have since become successful personal injury lawyers. So far, the lawyer that was injured through Zantac has not received a large sum of money from the suit. The attorney has also stated that Zantac has offered him a settlement, but he prefers to receive more money from the company rather than not receive anything at all. Read more now about class action:

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